Magnolia – Care

Although the Magnolia likes wet soil, it needn’t be too wet. Pervious soil would be very helpful to achieve the right balance. In drier periods, it would be wise to occasionally give the Magnolia extra water.
Magnolias don’t require a fertiliser but it would enhance the growth. The best time for fertilisation is after flowering and towards autumn. Organic fertiliser is ideally suited for this purpose. Spread peat or compost over the root ball area to enhance its growth.
Although the Magnolia requires no pruning, it is a valid option. The best periods for pruning are the winter, because of the stagnant sap flow, and the summer, because of the quick healing of wounds. The Magnolia can easily handle shape pruning as well as rigorous pruning as long as it’s done in summer or winter.
Mulching is important because of the shallow roots. Mulching is the application of a layer of organic material on the soil above the root ball. This could be peat or finely-cut tree bark. The maximum thickness of this layer should not exceed 5 cm. Mulching has a protective function. It makes the plant weed-resistant and prevents the loss of moisture.

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