Azalea mollis


Azalea kh. ‘Golden Eagle’

Azalea kh. ‘Golden Eagle’

At a glance



Flowering time

May - June

Pruning period

Immediately after flowering

Fully grown

175-200 cm

Type of soil


Extra info

Azalea mollis is a deciduous hardy shrub. These species belong to the Rhododendron family. Azaleas originate from Asia and North America but these hybrid varieties, however, were created by cross-fertilisation.
In appearance, the Azalea resembles the Rhododendron but the flowers and leaves are often slightly smaller. The plant will only grow to a ‘moderate’ height of 80 to 150 cm. Azalea mollis can easily have its growth contained by pruning.

Despite the Azalea being the Rhododendron’s ‘little’ sister, it offers a wealth of flowers during flowering and adds a great amount of colour to a garden. The flowers come in various shapes, sizes, markings and colours (especially pastel). The plant itself will only reach a ‘moderate’ height of one to two metres, which is a lot smaller than most Rhododendrons.

The plant flowers early in spring before the leaves develop. This makes the rich presence of the flowers very noticeable. In addition to the flowering period, which is usually May/June, this Azalea provides some additional ornamental value to the garden when its leaves change colour to a bright orange-red. A great many varieties of Azalea mollis spread a lovely scent during both the morning and evening.

Planting Care