Azalea japonica


The Azalea japonica species are Japanese evergreen Azaleas. They belong to the Rhododendron family. In addition to Japan, many varieties come from China, Taiwan and Korea. The Azalea also became known in western countries in the early 1900s. In appearance, the Azalea resembles the Rhododendron but the flowers and leaves are often slightly smaller. The plant will only grow to a ‘moderate’ height of 80 to 150 cm. The growth of Azalea japonica can easily be restricted by pruning them.

Despite the Azalea being the Rhododendron’s ‘little’ sister, it offers a wealth of flowers during flowering and adds a great amount of colour to a garden. The flowers come in various shapes, sizes, markings and colours. Its ornamental value also comes into its own in autumn when the leaves change colour. A lot of cross-fertilisation took place in Europe and America, resulting in many very beautiful new varieties that are hardy as well.

Planting Care
Azalea ‘Takako’
Azalea ‘Toreador’
Azalea ‘Geisha Purple’
‘Geisha Purple’
Azalea ‘Vuyks Scarlet’
‘Vuyks Scarlet’
Azalea ‘White Lady’
‘White Lady’
Azalea ‘Silver Queen’
‘Silver Queen’
Azalea ‘Silvester’
Azalea ‘Stewartstown’
Azalea ‘Hisako’
Azalea ‘Hotshot Variegata’
‘Hotshot Variegata’
Azalea ‘Geisha Red’
‘Geisha Red’
Azalea ‘Kermesina’