Rhododendron ‘American Beauty’

Rhododendron ‘American Beauty’

At a glance


Sun / Partial sun

Flowering time

May - June

Pruning period

After flowering remove the faded flowers immediately

Fully grown

150-200 cm

Type of soil


Extra info

The Rhododendron is one of the most well known plant species. This plant originates from Asia. The varieties that we know, however, are often hybrids created by cross-fertilisation which has resulted in stronger as well as more beautiful varieties. This also ensured a wide assortment of Rhododendrons in the market.

The often large flowers in great abundance are the main characteristic of the Rhododendron. Each variety is unique in colour and marking. In addition, Rhododendrons require little care. This evergreen plant is available in various sizes; from 30 cm to a height of 5 metres! You can restrict their growth by pruning them. All these things make it a plant that is very popular with the general public.

Planting Care